Sunday, August 15, 2010

God Speaks

Every time I go to church at The Branches @ FFC God speaks to me and most of the time it is a scolding! Just like my daddy used to do only not so harsh but to the point. The Blacks were there today and I could feel the passion they have for reaching the people of Jamaica for Jesus. I was impressed with Aaron's comment that he doesn't know how many they have reached for Jesus but that doesn't matter cause all they do is what God tells them to do they are OBEDIENT. OBEDIENT is such an intimidating word and a difficult one to do,why? Why is it so hard to do what we know is the right thing to do? Why are we so afraid to step outside of our box? Why do I cry because I want to be involved in God's work and yet I sit on my duff in my own world wondering why things don't get better for me?
God spoke to me today and basically said "Yea of little faith" I don't make enough money to pay my bills and yet God is saying "give" Give what? I work and I try to take care of a house and property the best I can. I have been harvesting the bounty of the season to supplement the the sometimes empty freezer and fridge. I share my time with grandchildren and my mother, I have no time or money,Give What Lord?
His answer was so simple "Give me you" Let ME take care of things, let ME take care of you" I hear this and yet I am afraid to be OBEDIENT. I am trying Lord I am trying.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sifting through the ashes

I am sure that sounds like a fire and in a way it is. I have begun some serious spring cleaning and in doing so am having to go through the last of Glen's "stuff" to some that is all it is but to me that "stuff" represents a life that is lost to me but found to Jesus. I am happy where I am in life right now, I have a good life even with it's struggles but I find that I miss the life I had for 5 wonderful years. How do you decide what to save and what to throw away, what would the grand kids want from grandpa ? How will my future relationships be affected by what I choose to keep and toss? How will I feel when I toss memories. I find myself very confused at this moment but am comforted by emails I have received since Glen's death that reminds me that I am not alone EVER!
Jesus is here holding my hand and wiping my tears as I do this task and I am so thankful that he is cause I can't do this alone. I am again reminded about Jeremiah 29:11 That God has a plan for me and my future and it is for good not evil. Thank you Jesus for standing by me always.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Well the H1N1 has hit my family too.Taylor my granddaughter just turned 13 on Sat and also contracted the virus the same day. She has fought a temp of 105.5 all day today but her mom called and said no trip to the hospital as the temp down to 99 hopefully it will stay down. What a birthday present right? I haven't got my shots yet dr didn't have them when I called they didn't have them yet. Delema do I keep trying or take the chance that I am immune? From last year's experience with pneumonia I know that I am not immune from germs. In the same way I am not immune to all the dangers in the world just because I am a Christian and just because I work in a church doesn't mean I am safe. Without going into a lot of detail a couple of weeks ago I got a phone call at work not one that you would expect a church to get. This person was in Missouri but called a church in Winchester, Indiana just by going on the internet and picking a church. Why my office? Why me? How did I keep my witts about me? Was I scared? Not while on the phone but later YES!!! I had to learn to lock my doors and windows, not be alone for a while I felt like a prisoner in my own home. I didn't like that feeling and still now I am more careful about noticing my surroundings.
Pastor Kris is talking about HOPE and giving it to others, I been thinking about how my experiences could give someone hope. God takes us down paths that we don't like sometimes so we can be able to help others that may have to walk that same path someday. Your paths are different than mine, some have sickness, financial difficulties,injury,loneliness, joys,triumphs and so on. The lessons we learn can when used by God bring HOPE to others because they can see Jesus through our lives. Take some time to think about those paths and how they can help someone else.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Time for Change?

It is September not one of my favorite times of the year because I know when school starts and the days begin to cool off that winter is on it's way. Fall is beautiful with the changing colors of the landscape and I got to thinking this morning that there are some things in my life that need some changing so I am setting some goals. Some of these will be noticeable to anyone who is around me especially those in Wed. night weight loss class. All summer long I have been a slacker, we have been doing so many fun things that I let the exercise and good eating slip into non existence, anyone else guilty? The scales and my clothes are giving me a good hint that I better get back on the band wagon. I finally got back to church too it is so easy to place the importance of other things or people before God and that too is not a good thing, so I told my special someone that I was going back to church be it in Farmland or Anderson, I miss the fellowship and the messages from God that Sunday morning brings. I am praying for no distractions in church, it is so easy to watch those around us and miss what God has for us.
In my devotions this morning the author was talking about setting a goal to beat your record, it is much easier to focus on just one thing and beating that record (goal) than it is to look at a big picture. We don't reach our goal on the first day of practice, it takes lots of patience and practice, a couple of stumbles and maybe even a fall but with perseverance we can arrive! So today it is one step at a time. Oh by the way I did start yesterday learning to ride a passenger on my motorcycle! Steven was brave enough to jump on the back and we drove around a country mile and I didn't spill him or the bike Thanks Steven!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


don't know why it posted twice you only have to enjoy once we are still hot and some are sunburned. While I am posting the others are at the wall feeding the homeless I stayed behind to care for Toni as the heat got the best of her today. The temp today was 93 but the feels like temp was 105 with 51% humidity nothing can keep cool even our freezers and refrigerators are not working up to par!!! well while everyone is out of the building I am going to take advantage of a cool shower. Till tomorrow
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